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Make Breakfast, Get the Kids to School, Save the World. All in a Day’s Work.

Action/Intrigue. C.A.T.s is a secret arm of the government that trains its recruits from the ripe age of 13 to catch spies. When their head agent’s daughter turns recruitment age she is given no choice but to allow her to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Abby Fletcher is the head of one of the many C.A.T.s Groups (Covert Anti-Espionage Team). She’s also one of the few that have been permitted to rear a family and have a semi-normal life. Though her team has been together for six years they know very little about each other’s personal lives. Each team is made up of three women: a tactical leader, a tech and a weapons/demolitions expert. Min May, a Korean with mind like a steel trap and the moral compass of the group, maintains the role of the tech while the wisecracking Italian, Frankie Rosatti, is the weapons expert.

When an op goes wrong and a man dies in the arms of his twelve-year old daughter from a sniper’s bullet, the young girl mistakenly blames Abby for his murder. Bobbi-Jean subsequently loses her mind, but is the only one that knows the location of the code her father had stolen. It’s half of a virus program that, when uploaded to SATCOM, will disable all of the satellite communication in U.S. inoperable and vulnerable to hackers. Early warning detection defenses would be offline, nuclear subs could be given erroneous orders to fire on friendly cities, and abroad undercover operatives would be left without exit strategies.

A former member of Abby’s team, Tatiana Ivanov, who also blames Abby for the death of her family who was fleeing the Soviet Union, tracks Bobbi-Jean down and coaxes her into giving up the location of the code. Tatiana then reveals herself to Abby as her brother’s new “girlfriend” and kisses Abby’s husband, slipping him a poison that becomes fatal in twelve hours. To obtain the antidote she must kidnap and deliver her male counterpart, who has the key to the second half of the code. Abby must chose between her duty to her country and to her family. Meanwhile her daughter turns thirteen in just three months. Abby’s relationship with Jacey is strained at best and the last thing she wants is for her is to lead the dangerous life of a C.A.T.

The comic genre is dominating the present Hollywood industry, while TV is being ignored. Now is the time for such a series! One that is morally sound. The Sci-Fi market is booming and is comprised of a loyal fan base.The Shadow Raven characters grow with each new adventure due to their friendships and interactions with the other characters. Strong male and female characters may easily become role models for young and old alike.

Stories of international intrigue are always in demand. The edge of your seat episodes where the clock literally counts down are beloved by a wide audience. Now add a woman with a family that leads a secret life as a spy here she is forced to weigh her duties of an agent against her responsibilities as a mother when her daughter is recruited. With teenage agents grouped into the plots the audience widens further allowing for a younger (teenage) viewership and more ancillary products.

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