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Destiny Horizons, Inc. is a multimedia concept-to-reality corporation. Our goal is to take innovative conceptual properties and bring them to life utilizing a variety of mediums, such as: print, video, film, animation, toys and games.

Since its inception in 1995 under subsidiary partners Destiny Press and Wingspan Productions, Destiny Horizons has internationally released a comic book version of the Shadow Raven saga as well as the subsequent game, Shadow Raven: The Combat Card Game.

In 2003, Destiny Horizons produced Shadow Raven: Fading Thoughts as an hour-long television pilot.

Recently the company has conceived four full-length screen plays in various genres including: The Kat Files- an action/romantic comedy, Shadow Raven: Dark Objective a science fiction/action/thriller, Breaking News a romantic comedy, and The Return a supernatural/thriller.

With world-wide distribution in place, Destiny Horizons is currently in the funding stages of bringing Breaking News: By All the Rules to the big screen.

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