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When two sisters, with a tragic past, return home...
They find that something else has returned as well...

Twenty years after Amanda's mother and twin brother are killed in a car accident, she returns to her native town dragging her sister, Dallas, with her. Amanda is visited by the dead to find that there may be more to their deaths then was previously discovered.

Amanda awakens from a recurring dream of the terrible accident that has scarred her memory since she was nine years old. The accident claimed her mother and twin brother's life and left Amanda feeling that a part of her was ripped away. After the burials, her father moved Amanda and her younger sister, Dallas, from Florida to Ohio.

Twenty years later, Amanda has become a nurse and feels a strange calling to return to her old home in Florida. Dallas, wanting to be with her sister, agrees to move in with her. Dallas is the complete opposite of her sister. An ebon-haired rebel who is as extroverted as Amanda is introverted. Amanda begins work at the same hospital where her brother and mother died. She begins to get "visits" from ghosts that seem especially real to her, but they seem to live in a vacuum playing out a grotesque scene in their afterlives over and over again.

Amanda continues to piece together the mysterious puzzle leading to the possibility that her mother and brother may have been murdered. She notices a mark on her neck that was not there before. She is told it is the "Mark of the Angels,"; a gift that allows her to see things others on earth may not.

In a riveting moment of terror, she discovers that members of the hospital have been tricking the families of the recently deceased into signing for unneeded autopsies allowing them to sell the parts on the black market. When they lack bodies, some patients are helped along. Amanda's mother and brother were the first. When the killer reveals himself, it is up to Dallas to save her sister's life. Or will she join her mother and brother in the afterlife?

Supernatural thrillers are probably the most marketable films in recorded history as early as the 1920's. Both male and female audiences tend to line up for a two-hour fright-fest, feeling exhilaration from fear. This especially occurs when the characters are not only likeable, but so real that the audiences readily realize that they could very easily be caught in a similar situation. The Return allows audiences to be caught in a web of mystery and intrigue while being scared with anticipation and shocking revelations. Films like The Ring, and The Sixth Sense are the best matches in genre to The Return.

The story about two sisters, who are complete opposites compel the story to be somewhat different from other films of the supernatural genre. The Return takes place in and around a hospital and is told from the point of view of car accident victims, which lends itself to two of the largest fears that most people harbor. Feeling defenseless while someone tends to you, or secretly harms you, brings these fears to life as a film never has before.

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