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The War on Terror has a new champion
But time is running out

Action. A member of a secret government agency, who is trying to cope with the loss of his murdered sister, must track down a deadly nerve gas before terrorists release it into several heavily populated areas.


Cade Merrick is an agent for the IDC (The International Defense Coalition), a secret government organization that works in conjunction with other countries to combat terrorism.

This particular night is the birthday of Cade's older sister, Alex, who was murdered in cold blood right before his eyes. The assassin was never found. Cade blames himself for not being able to protect her. Though he had undergone years of training he could not save his own sister. He looks across the table at his younger sister, realizing the two siblings had he same eyes.

A call comes in from his commanding officer, breaking the awkward silence, to inform him that a meeting is scheduled between several Muslim extremists. When he arrives, he finds them all gunned down. The investigation leads him to an Italian scientist, who is rumored to be on the verge of creating an alternate fuel source. He too is targeted for assassination, but when a female reporter gets caught in the middle, it's up to Cade to protect her. Before his demise the scientist hands the reporter a thumb drive with evidence to an upcoming terrorist attack.

Now Cade must race against time to stop the terrorists from releasing canisters of deadly VX nerve gas into several heavily populated areas. If he fails, tens of thousands of innocent lives will be forfeit. While confronting the terrorists, the leader divulges that he has both the reporter and Cade's younger sister as prisoners and will not hesitate to dispatch them.

Cade notices something on the monitor, displaying his sister and Becca on their knees at gunpoint. Taking a risk, he kills the terrorist and stops the VX gas from being released. However, has he signed his sister's death warrant?

He rushes to the location he believes they are being held, based on what he observed on the monitor. Once there, he discovers that his own sister is the mastermind behind the entire terrorist threat and that she was the assassin that killed Alex. In a fierce battle, his sister escapes, but he vows to track her around the globe and avenge Alex.
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