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In a world beyond our reality...
Technology has produced a new breed of evil...
One man has the power to stand against it...

A futuristic sci-fi/drama where a dark hero, who has been genetically altered, investigates and battles biologically created humans and creatures for a government agency with the help of his female partner as he copes with the darkness within himself.

In a parallel universe, genetic engineering has reached the stage of human experimentation. The Senate quickly invokes laws prohibiting human testing and empowers the Agency of Intelligence and Investigation (A.I.I.) with ability to shut down any illegal testing they find. Large corporations determined to create new technology based on human DNA develop off-site or underground labs in which to continue their research.

Two test pilots are chosen to fly an experimental plane into the arctic. Unbeknownst to them the plane is meant to crash. The pilots’ battered bodies are rescued from the wreckage and used as test subjects for a DNA altering serum and internal weapons that respond to muscle command. The pilots are kept separate and told the other has been killed as side-effects are assessed. Each pilot escapes at different times as the experiments come to a close. Once back in normal society they realize that they can no longer fit into their past lives.

One pilot, Marc Dillor, is approached by the A.I.I. to join their Special Forces Unit, while the other is financed by the head of a large corrupt corporation. With the help of the A.I.I., Marc becomes known as the Shadow Raven and must one day confront his old friend who he thinks dead and who now treads the path of evil. The Shadow Raven maintains a reclusive life until he is assigned a female partner, named Rhea Sorrell, who helps him to feel human once again. Together they uncover mysteries and corruption as they try to stop the surge of creatures borne from the new science known as Bio-Combineering.

The comic genre is dominating the present Hollywood industry, while TV is being ignored. Now is the time for such a series! One that is morally sound. The Sci-Fi market is booming and is comprised of a loyal fan base.The Shadow Raven characters grow with each new adventure due to their friendships and interactions with the other characters. Strong male and female characters may easily become role models for young and old alike.

Shadow Raven touches on timely material such as cloning and genetic research, which are becoming more controversial. Topics such as corporate and governmental corruption are also themes of this adventure/thriller. The characters’ moral dilemmas give them a third dimension that many productions in the comic genre lack. The setting for Shadow Raven is the not too distant future. The stories utilize futuristic weapons and vehicles, the like that has not been seen in the comic book genre to date.

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