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A beautiful thief on the run...
A down and out computer programmer... When they meet it’s going to be…Criminal.

An action/romantic comedy. A female thief steals a prototype device from a powerful member of the underworld, she incidentally teams up with a geek-like computer programmer who is going through a bad divorce. Together they go on the run and try to single-handedly stop their pursuers while becoming romantically involved.

Kat is a thief on her first big score, but it goes horribly wrong as she opens the safe and takes what she thinks is a box of jewelry. The alarms sound and she leaps out the twelve-story window to evade the bullets. Thankfully she has planned for the impossible and escapes. Unbeknownst to her, she stole a prototype device that reprograms computer cards to bypass security codes on nuclear devices. Morally she can not return it and to keep herself alive she can not destroy it. Having no other choice she tries to make her way to the F.B.I., however the device contains a tracer and she has precious few hours before the villains locate her.

Phil Knipwell is a computer programming manager for a major corporation. Though he is still in love with his wife, he has granted her the divorce she has been seeking. He lives alone in an apartment and sees his seven year old daughter when he can. After taking the advice of his eccentric psychologist and his witty friend, he goes on a blind date.

Kat, now on the run from the villains who have tracked her down, pretends to be Phil’s date and with much protest and mayhem they escape together. They have nothing in common but the more time they spend together the more they realize that they have abilities the other lacks. A comedic romance ensues and just as they get to their destination they are informed that the villains have kidnapped Phil’s ex-wife and daughter. Together, this odd couple must outwit their pursuers, make a daring rescue and stay alive. Inevitably, they begin a unique detective agency based on Phil’s computer hacking ability and Kat’s stealth and fighting prowess.

The comic genre is dominating the present Hollywood industry, while TV is being ignored. Now is the time for such a series! One that is morally sound. The Sci-Fi market is booming and is comprised of a loyal fan base.The Shadow Raven characters grow with each new adventure due to their friendships and interactions with the other characters. Strong male and female characters may easily become role models for young and old alike.

Shadow Raven touches on timely material such as cloning and genetic research, which are becoming more controversial. Topics such as corporate and governmental corruption are also themes of this adventure/thriller. The characters’ moral dilemmas give them a third dimension that many productions in the comic genre lack. The setting for Shadow Raven is the not too distant future. The stories utilize futuristic weapons and vehicles, the like that has not been seen in the comic book genre to date.

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