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In this comedy club the laughs happen on and off the stage.

Sitcom. When a couple from Tennessee opens a comedy club in Los Angeles , they find themselves surrounded by an odd group of people…and that's only their staff.

Rich and Vera Carson are a traditional couple from a small town near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee . Rich's get rich quick schemes lead him to Los Angeles where he purchases a bar, but doesn't inform Vera until after the deed is done. She is none-too-happy, but acquiesces to leaving their family and friends behind to relocate out west.

Rich's crazy dream becomes a nightmare when they inadvertently hire a motley crew, consisting of three comedians, a lesbian bartender, a Goth girl hostess and a geek waiter. To top it off Rich (against Vera's wishes) has a friend take care of the opening night advertising. Vera's warning rings true as the ad is placed incorrectly, displaying “Live Sunset Strippers,” instead of “Live on the Sunset Strip.” With an angry wife on the way, Rich has his staff get naked to appease the line of men standing outside.

The club becomes mildly successful, but the situations don't get any better for Rich and Vera as Rich's secret comes knocking on the front door. Two loan shark enforcers show up, demanding that Rich pay them back for the money he borrowed to open the bar. Vera has no idea how she is going to get them out of this one.

Good s itcoms are always in demand and may have a long lifespan. Shows like Cheers and Friends lasted for over a decade. The characters must be likeable with unique storylines attributed to their individual traits and background. Each of the Sunset characters have a wealth of flaws that make them endearing and fun to watch.

The show set within a comedy club allows the production to bring in special guest stars to perform small stand up routines. In addition the mix between the southern-based owners and their new setting of Los Angeles , permits storylines to take a twist and display the big city through a small town perspective.

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