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In a world beyond our reality, where technology has rapidly expanded into all walks of life; some cultures have embraced it while others have shunned it to maintain a more traditional existence. In the east, the Unified Republic has based its unparalleled growth on new technology, while in the west Arrissia clings to the fabrics of a dying culture founded on honor. 

Tonight is the eve of a trade summit between the two countries, a summit that certain members of Arrissian government don’t want and are willing to do anything to prevent….even if it means murdering their own.

The Agency of Intelligence and Investigation (A.I.I.) has assigned an agent, known to some only as the Shadow Raven, to protect the Arrissian Ambassador and his daughter from deadly assassins known as the Gai-yen. Their lives, and the fate of two nations, rest in the hands of the mysterious Shadow Raven.

Presented with music, sound effects and a full ensemble cast, you won't want to miss this thrilling adventure -- where all is not as it appears to be -- read by master storyteller, John Berry.

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Chapter One


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