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Frank Zanca
President of Destiny Horizons, Inc.

...began working in local television at the age of 22 when he became a Promotional Producer for Channel 9, the Orlando ABC affiliate. During this time he wrote and produced thirty second spots for the news cast and syndicated shows such as Geraldo and Sally Jesse Rapheal. Later he worked as a Production Assistant on NBC's Gonzo Games and Dick Clark's Sea World Summer Spectacular. Frank created and wrote his first comic book, which was distributed internationally under the name of Shadow Raven. For a number years Frank worked in Sales and then moved into Marketing where he became CFO and later President of two Independent marketing firms that were later sold for several million dollars. Recently Frank helped design Shadow Raven: the Combat Card Game, which was distributed internationally and has written the Shadow Raven novel (to be released next year). Frank is currently producing Shadow Raven: Fading Thoughts, a thirty-minute pilot, which is designed to become a feature film or television series.

John Campbell
Vice President of Destiny Horizons, Inc. in computer software and hardware. At an early age he was proficient in many computer programming languages. Years later he created C-3 Design, a sole-proprietorship dedicated to constructing individual and corporate websites. After co-founding Destiny Horizons, Inc. John designed and currently maintains, which markets Shadow Raven products and updates the fans on the upcoming production of Shadow Raven: Fading Thoughts. John has dedicated his time to learning to computer generate images for film special effects and is co-producing the thirty-minute pilot Shadow Raven: Fading Thoughts, with Frank Zanca.

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