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He must see into the past
To solve 5 mysterious murders
But these visions may be his last

Suspense/Mystery/Thriller. After discovering five bodies in a warehouse, the F.B.I. calls in Devon Chase, an ex-agent with the ability to experience the past in his current location albeit only in snippets and in no particular order. He must piece together the mystery quickly because time is running out for a boy who still may be trapped somewhere in the building.

When the F.B.I. investigates a vague phone call informing them about a kidnapping occurring at a deserted warehouse, they discover five dead bodies. The head investigator calls in Devon Chase and his partner, Silk LaVeaux, to assist in determining the events that previously occurred that evening. Once they arrive they are quickly met with hostility as Chase's past as a former F.B.I. agent catches up with him. He is confronted by Arthur Raines an agent he shares a mutual grudge with.

Before the bodies are removed, Chase discovers that each of them has had a proximity detonator implanted in their necks. Once the body is removed from the building it detonates a bomb hidden somewhere on the premises decimating the entire crime scene. The detonators are quickly removed and the coroners cart the bodies away. Chase puffs on a cigarette allowing his mind to calm and placing him in a trance-like state. In this state he experiences the events in the point of view of one or more of the subjects. During the gruesome ordeal, he discovers that the victims were tortured to reveal the whereabouts of something that could be used as a weapon. The kidnappers are covered from head-to-toe concealing their identities. One of the victims was a fifteen year-old boy who disappeared during the course of the interrogations. Chase believes that the boy is still hidden somewhere within the warehouse.

When he finally finds the boy, he learns that the weapon they had been searching for was nanotechnology, which had been injected into the boy by his father. The kidnappers quickly reveal themselves as the F.B.I. agents overseeing the investigation. They had manipulated Chase into find the boy for them. A gunfight proceeds with Chase and his partner as the victors. Just as they believe the crime to be solved, they discover that one of the victims was a traitor and feigned his own death in order to escape. Chase and Silk track him down and exact revenge for the lives of the other victims he betrayed.

Shadow Seeker is a suspense/mystery/thriller in the vein of Morgan Freeman's Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider , along with Medium . It combines the Film Noir genre with preternatural elements that help move the story. The story centers around a strong male character partnered with an equally strong female lead, which will appeal both to men and women alike. It also allows the audience to figure out “who dunnit” if they are observant enough.

Though the Film Noir and Preternatural genres have never been mixed before, both elements bring a healthy and loyal fan base with them. Relying on detective skills as well as his visions he is able to crack the case leading to an all-out action ending.

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